Customized Trip

Brief Introduction
We’ll work with you one-on-one to understand your travel style and interest to make the most fantastic enterprise for you in Borneo.We take a customer-focused approach to our customized trip planning, which means you have the flexibility to choose how your trip should look like, then our friendly planners will efficiently plan your journey and take care of all the details.

Maximum Flexibility optimizing your time covering places that interest you.
Visit “secret places” off the tourist trails and eat where the local people frequent


Avoid the more common tourist attractions and enjoy the exotic wonders of Borneo

🙂 We recommend “secret” destinations that guide books don’t know about and other tour groups won’t take you to.

🙂 Our planners use their local expertise to optimize your travel route in order to maximize your fun.

🙂 We reserve your hotels, arrange transportation, and plan special events.

🙂 We provide useful up-to-date information, weather forecasts, travel tips, and advice on how much Malaysian Ringgit to prepare for your trip.

🙂 Fair and reasonable service fee that covers all the customization and assistance you require to help save you time and ensure the best possible travel experience in Borneo.

🙂 We have full confidence in the quality of our professional service. Check our Testimonials 

Frequently Ask Questions
    • At least two weeks before your arrival. Based on our experience, it can take around two weeks for travelers to discuss all their needs and preferences and to work out all the details. Therefore, it’s better to start the process at least a month before you plan to travel. The earlier you inform us, the better the service we can deliver.
Are there any fees?
  • No, we aim to plan the best holiday experience for you.
What service would I get?
  • Optimised Itinerary
  • Transportation Schedule
  • Attraction Information
  • City Maps and Brochures


Please feel free to contact us with us for your tailor-made programmes suited to your needs, requirements and interest.